About us

We at DU.U realize the importance of expressing your unique individuality in your own way. Whether you are looking to stand out against the crowd, display your individual uniqueness, support a loved one, or want to wear your pride discreetly, it is our mission to offer options to personify all types of somebodies.

DU.U was imagined quite some time ago, with the desire to create a line of apparel which would offer items to represent, well… everyone… including those who may have a hard time finding items genuine to themselves. We started to become a reality in April of 2021, shortly after a chance encounter with an individual who, due to circumstances, was unable to wear clothing befitting their true self. We thought, what if there was a way to create something ambiguous they could wear which, not only supports their truth, but wouldn’t necessarily be recognizable in that way? And everything kind of sprouted from there.

We are California grown and family owned, and it is our vision to provide Something For Everyone. We invite you to join us as we learn, create and aspire to support and encourage everyone’s identities.